Monday, December 11, 2017


For chapter IV, the implementation and further development of idea from previous chapters are being implemented onto the existed site for the first time. The aim is to create a narrative that would describe and convey the proposed environmental condition; to create an urban wooded environment.

The urban scenarios of the project are depicted into four separated diagram which convey the reverence of the project in different time scale.

Urban Scenario 1 - Reintroduction and Recovering (Stop-time)
Past processes such as saw milling and canal transportation method are revived in order to preserve and reinvigorate the area. However, the reintroduced processes come with several requirements and related processes such as raw log storage and drying process of a freshly saw lumber. These solution are what being address in the proposal

Urban Scenario 2 - Temporarity and Sharing (Short-time)
In order to maximize the use of the limited space, sharing of equipment such as lift, drying kiln, and movable raft-platform is the best way to minimize the redundancy of equipment and also promote communal interaction between occupant of the area. The space tectonic of the building is conceive in a way which it can be adapt to certain activities during different period of a day


Urban Scenario 3 - Engagement and Public Involvement
In order to appeal to the wider array of audience, promotion of the area and its incorporate activities should be held. I envision the place to flexible enough so events such as maker fair, trade show, or other craft related event will be held to promote and draw in people to be interested and ultimately would continue to preserve the craft. 

Urban Scenario 4 - Customization and Evolution
Apart from vertical growth to accommodate the ever-increasing need of living space, alternative means such as canal house and floating rate house are being proposed to maximized the space utilization. By promoting the area as a community of artisan and craftsman, the area could potentially draw in craft people from all over Bangkok to continue practice their skill within this urban environment