Sunday, December 10, 2017

PlastiCity - UM 2.0


The concluded concept of this project will basically consists of 4 urban scenarios
with the aim of recycle encouragement as well as allowing access of people to
the Chrao Phraya river as a part of “Bring Life Back To Chao Phraya” Campaign.

1st Scenario - On-Land Facility - A Park - Raw Material Producer / Feeder

The first scenario is the place where the plastic trash
will be bought and process to create an object, raw material and
a floater in which will help develop the project to
its ultimate scenario.

2nd Scenario - Artificial Island Production Space

The second scenario will be the main production facility
in which it will used the raw material produced in the first scenario
and 3d print space on top of the floater to create a sort of
artificial islands.

 3rd Scenario - Artificial Public Island

Later, these island would be colonizing the river shore with many different programs according to the need of people in many different area along the river. This is not only to allow the use of recyclable plastic waste in another level but its outcome will also provide a place that connect people to the river in a hope to bring the river as a part of everyone’s life. Therefore, everyone in the city will be much more protective and conservative of the river. Ultimately, when this type of space is broken or can be no longer used, it will be pushed back into the cycle again to create something useful according to its property and quality.

System Detail

Artificial Island Property

The map is showing possible starting point of the project  and the way it could expand
and colonize the shore of the Chao Phraya river.