Wednesday, November 8, 2017

PHASE 4 Three-dimensional Speculation

- Minimizing blind spot -

Since the project is focusing on the only one parameter of transparency that build up the society, there is the question of how the shift in paradigm has an influence on architecture. In the city where everyone is monitored by the CCTV and even lives streaming exposed their life to the public themselves, I propose to create an architecture the maximized your perception which in this case the main focus would be the organization of the space. 

People trumps security over privacy, the paradigm shift has occurred. The government's policy aim toward driving the city into maximum transparency. The policy includes the effect of transparency ranking on the housing. Regardless of the social status, the more transparent you are the better housing unit you are going to get with privilege on the opacity taxes.

The structure is situated in the first development residential district in Singapore, Toa Payoh where there are lots of heartlander and local people. To emphasize on the idea of paradigm shift, the location portray the idea of the closeness to the people that it is not something new and has practice as an ordinary matter.

By looking a network of connection of an important figure in Toa Payoh, I noticed that everyone is interconnected. Therefore I proposed a new way of organizing the space to maximize the visibility with much smoother gradient rather than just having an ordinary offset circular hierarchy. Basically, the hierarchy of the space are more gradually and smoothly change in term of the level of transparency based on the density of the framing structure. The density implies that the denser, the less transparent you are. the looser, the more transparent you exposed to the public. 

The framing structure that scatter throughout the plot are unify by the common mass where occupied by the main circulation which also includes the program for common use like canteen, kitchen, restroom, broadcasting panel, etc. in order to maximize the contact with other neighbor.

There are several sky bridges that connect the common mass with the housing unit. 

This is the formalization of the structural frame in which the joints are electro-magnetic that hold everything together which is convenient and flexible to connect for the ever growing structure.