Wednesday, September 6, 2017


"on-demand system"

original story

The Land Transport Authority called a tender for proposals for a trial of "on-demand, dynamically-routed" public bus services.
This would allow commuters to use a mobile app to request pickups and drop-offs at any bus stop within a defined area.

speculative narrative

The skyscrapers spreading over the sea relate to a new infrastructure, underwater tunnels, water buses and flying taxis. The underwater tunnels are constructed by glasses. Many vehicles can run in the sea when people make use of tunnels. There are cars, buses, trains as an example of vehicles. Therefore, they can move other buildings easily.
Also, there are many shapes of water buses which can dive into sea and move like swimming. For example, there are shapes of dolphins, whales, sharks and so on. People will feel like being in an aquarium.
They can make use of on-demand systems and call buses or taxis when they need. And then they can choose how to move in the air, on sea and in the underwater. The buildings that seem to be isolated in this way are linked in various ways.

And these transports are dominated by state agency. As a result, there is no traffic jam. We can use regular transports. We will be a life to suit those since transports are a fixed time.