Sunday, December 3, 2017


The government of Singapore starts an anti aging campaign to get rid of the elderlies for that they contribute little to the society and also a waste of resources. With wanting to keep Singapore going on with the new generation, the old has to leave.

A proposed building that would “span” across the border is divided in between by an imaginary line of the two countries; Singapore and Malaysia. Placed on the rural sides of both countries. A “8” shaped building is proposed which is also an importance of numerology in Chinese culture as a lucky number. The building acts as a reflection on the differences between the two countries. The political border that sets the rule. Creating a double condition to the building as a mirror project. The space is based on the country’s situation. Singaporeans still work even at the age of retirement to earn money. On the Malaysian side would be a retired community. Encouraging the old to leave Singapore’s condition, attracting them to move to the other side, Malaysia.








Differences and similarity of daily lives of elderlies 
Singapore vs. Malaysia







An island of independence
Commerce and business
The land of new bloom
The city of plume

For now I am old and grey
Everyday is on replay 
The only way to stay 
Is to pay

People milling around 
As I walk through the town
But in my own despair 
With no one to share

That same hawker there
Chillies and pepper to be cleaned 
For another day to be over
Only wishing to be clover

- singapore 

Within the realm of diversity 
Dress in unity
Colors and races 
Freedom of faith

Merdeka, the land of glory
For it has been a long story
Along the water
Saturated in color 

I have seen 
I have been
Now welcome from the sky 
The apple of my eye 

Young and loud 
Old and proud 
Circling around the lawn 
From dusk till dawn 

- malaysia