Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Anastasia's Department Store

            Due to the Anastasia city which a City of Desire. In the book, he describes this city to be filled with desires of all sorts, ranging from gems, jewels, women, and food. As soon as you enter, you are tempted with all of these, which leads you to the heart of the city. Once at the heart, you are completely surrounded by these which blind you to only seeing these things. Even if you do not desire them, you will soon enough because you are completely engulfed within them. You become part of the city and are now creating the jewels and gems that first lured you in, creating a vicious cycle of wandering to enslavement.
             At presents, many department store try to design their space to fullfill people needed similar to Anastasia city ideas. However, some are succeeded with that idea but some are not. Therefore, I was thinking about social media which people at all levels are extremely addicted at presents.
            Thus, I start to research about socail media activity that harmony with space. Later, I founded out that socail media people have purposed to make liked in thier account such as facebook, instragram and etc. Not only in thier status but mainly in photo. Therefore, I thingking about art that decorated in space which is optical illusion in different kind of technique.