Monday, October 9, 2017

"Little kids all learn to walk at their own pace and in their own way; they don’t start by jumping off rooftops, and no matter how many times they fall, they never give up. Know Obstacles is to Know Freedom."

" Khao Luang, Nakorn Si Tammarat "

Here is the over all Khao Luang national park,
I was focusing on attraction such as waterfall, the existing resorts and possible camping site. And red Dash are possible hiking route. Here is route that we have been last couple month,  called วังลุง and อ้ายเขียว waterfall

the analysis of วังลุง-อ้ายเขียว route

So first we hiked from 100 msl to the peakest one thousands and three hundred msl. 
As you can see on this section, there is different variation in between each higher elevation. I divide the route by the change of surrounding, which I have gained different experience in each spot. 
For instance, comparing first camp and second camp are totally like night and day. First camp was nearby the river called ห้วยเย็น settled on little steep ground. It was a little bit cold but not windy, on the other hand the second camp was on the ridge of เหยียบเมฆ Cliff which is super windy. We couldn't sleep on the hammock, some of us sleep on the ground because there was not enough tree.  

 ( my photograph of ห้วยเย็น )

the possibility of activities

Personally, I kinda interested in the outdoor activities. then, 
I found the possibility of activity that operate with gravity which is hiking, parkour, mountain bike and kayaking.
I start digging deep and study how people perceive experience, 

The only thing that these activities contribute to human is a shot of excitement; 
split second moment of action. 
Human are going out to rediscover ourself and gained this moment to reduce stress; increasing endorphins in our blood.

However, these activities barely operated in Kao Luang national park. 
After these, I question myself "what would it be if we can have a trail or route that people can come and gain gravitational experience?"  

Then it comes to my design proposal that
I would like to manipulate nature in order to facilitate these activities. Because nature never be proper. So this is just a initial idea that collecting the big trunks and logs and then put them all together. It could become bike ramp for mountain biker and barricade for parkourer.