Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Steve reich, was born in 1970s, Newyork, and raised up in California. He is a song composer who founded 3 musician, then develop to 18 musicians. Early work pieces are 'It's gonna rain' and 'Come out'. Followed by the tree tales, the cave, double sextet, and sextet. While his face is broke out from the body and vibrate to show inside works, as to support his concept of vibration, franentation, and repitation. 

Sextet is compose of 5 parts differently (fast-modulate-slow-modulate-fast). Waves with 5 colors from top to bottom representively. Each part has piano and keyboard shown as middle size dots. The white little dots repetively for vibraphones. Long splash known as bow were played. 

The diagram shows main auditorium with vertical stage area. Building circulation, mostly on exterior, as public space. Other two sections diagrams, show soung reflective from the stage seat to  and perspective angle from seats to the stage. 

Show what will happens from exterior to interior (out of space into the concert space). Movement and dense of audience drive the performamce. Also the stage is under control by the crane (crane show included). The crane is changing stage shape and position differently in each performance. Come out, The cave, and Sextet performance set list areange representively. 

The stage is lovate in the middle of Buddapest, Hungary. The performance compose
With 3 shows : Come out, The cave, and Sextet. These performance stunned everyone surrounding. Also steve reich song of 'different trains' demonstrate as street that drive people into the area of Steve reich Performance.