Tuesday, December 5, 2017

UTTHAYAN: Living on the edge


                                   Living on the Edge 
                                                                  Khaoluang national park

The site is Khaoluang national park,a evergreen forest with a large biodiversity, and 30 
   known access points. The rainforest is also one of the tallest in Thailand at 1800m in height. 
  It is an experience of natural phenomenon through vertical layers. People who visit the park 
 only experience the forest through the ground and the layers above such as the canopy
 are still undiscovered. My project will unveil the unexplored beautiful nature in Khaoluang, 
through an experience like none other .

Montane forest:
-       Due to its height the forest varies through each level because of the different lighting and water conditions
-       The floor is never flat and would sometimes be even at 70 degrees angle
-       The soil condition is different in each layer, lower parts are more thick soil while the upper montane will sometimes reach the bedrock
-       Trees on the higher areas are also smaller because of erosion and are not straight because of the steep surface
-       This creates combinations of the difference aspect of nature

Tree canopy:

-       The park is known for having over 300 orchid species, some of them can only be found in the park
-       The most common species of plants is Dipterocarpaceae ( ton yang na) which I will go into detail later
-       While the rare species to be found at Khao Luang Caryota Obtuse part of the Calamus family

-       The species only to be found at Khao luang are Rhododendron taiense


                                                         I am proposing a sustainable for both environmental and recreational purposes.
                                                With use of traditional method and existing materials, and the most significant part of 
                                                the forest, the use and preservation of trees as a fundamental structure.
                                                     1. The design can be constructed in various anotomy of trees and different range
                                                     2.  Use local materials to create a platform in which people can use for construction
                                                     3. Constructable  by hand
                                                     4. Provide a comfortable and better experience of nature for user
                                                     5. Reveal the undiscovered beauty of canopy layer

The tree used to construct the design  is called Dipterocarpus which is one of the common
type of trees in Khao Luang, with the most similar anatomy and structure. The designed 
would be created on a well-aged tree, but the whole tree does not need to be cut to make 
    it constructable, plants will still be growing in certain areas so users can discover plants from  
another layer of the forest. Once the structure is mounted to the tree it can be applied in 
     various forms and floor layout and can be located anywhere, in which in willl create the 
experience of moving from tree to tree.

The structure is design to be man-made, and able to adapt to different needs 
    based on the function., using traditional contruction method and local materials. 
The overall design consist of 4 layers.
         1. Sleeping unit
      2. Living room
3. Kitchen
4. Access

-       Material used for the construction can be any type of branchs to create a surface, for the floor panel and also another possibility is  using smaller sticks to create a wall.
-       Structure act as a base for the side partition are made of big logs where users can attach flysheets to create shelter
-       The design creates another vertical living experience and create an easily locatable camp site
-       The system is designed to be used as a camping site to provide much needed facilities to the park, preventing people getting lost
-       Camping at Khaoluang takes time and energy, because of the need of carrying supplies, and also a lack of clear trail.
-       The national park is only accessible by the park rangers and there are only them who know the trail with this outcome can easily be controlled
-       There is a need for a design, which would be usable as facilities but also preserving nature.
-       The idea for the structure to be located above grounds, is to not only to
Discover new orchid species but also to preserve the ground conditions, because it is the habitat and trail of animals. From our experience visiting animals try to avoid groups of people scent, and this is a way in which we can observe them without disturbing there trail

The experience from going up is for user to further enhance the users  relationship and appreciation of nature, starting from the experience of climbing the tree. The main aspect of living above ground is too see undiscovered parts of the forest. People will experience view from the different vertical layer of the tree from under canopy too emergent. Giving access to certain plants and orchids that cannot be seen from ground. Being above ground users will also be able to observe animals, which rarely occurs on the ground because the animals are afraid. The excitement of the project is where users can move from 1 unit to the other while being on the tree top. Creating an intimidating experience. Creating a comfortable space on the treetop together with providing functional kitchen and sleeping space, combined with the overall experience of living in a natural man made habitat, would create a design with a natural phenonmenon in itself.