Saturday, December 2, 2017

Play Gifts & Manipulatives: G8 Puzzle

Play Gifts & Manipulatives
by: Pimaubsorn Sirisook

G8 puzzle is an 8 pieces puzzle form from a minimal surfaces of a complete Gyroid. 
Solving the puzzle required a specific connection & orientation between pieces as well as
an identification of different and similarity between each pieces.

 The development of G8 puzzle derive from 2 levels of complexity which is 
first explored by the specific orientation created by Gyroid surfaces in which can be
understand easily as one of its piece is a minimal surface of a cube.

Overview of G8 puzzle

How does it become a puzzle (Level 1)

 1. a single Gyroid is created from a minimal surface of a cube by using only six of its edges
2. By specifically orientated them, the first level of puzle is being formed from its classical 
arrangement within the boundary of 8 cubes.
3. The edges connection between each pieces is identical to every other piece.

 How does it become a puzzle (Level 2)

1. After getting the orientation, level 2 of puzzle is being formed by utilizing the edge connection between pieces
2. Specific location is being assign to each pieces, with the deveeof prturbed edge, every piece is unique
and would onnly fit with its perfect match and when it is in a correct position.
3). The surface is being weld together into one whole piece first.
4. Smoothening of the surface and relax it transform the surface of gyroid into one continuous interior spaces.
5).  The extraction of these pieces from one big gyroid enable an un identical puzzle pieces.
6). Now not only the orientation become specific but alsso the connection between pieces.

What is needed for thee eunderstand in order to put the puzzle together

1. Recognize that each pieces is none identical
2. Recognize the Similarity between each piece
3. Utlize the two sided color as a guide
4 focus on edges and understand the differents
5. Use magnet as a guide

Level of Difficulties

1. An extra extreme version of a fully developed gyroid composed of 64 pieces
2. with a more complexity develop when construction the surface to have a higher tolerance and division rate than the built pieaces

Further Development

1. The developed puzzle can be use to develop many other more puzle including patterns on the interior surfaces and
different arrangement that is being guide by color orientation

Development of G8 puzzle pieces