Wednesday, October 4, 2017

White Heaven
Among in the heard of Bangkok, Erawan is a urban boutique mall, designed for urban shoppers that elegant stylish and dressed with designer appeal. Erawan is designed to open the Ratchaprasong’s intersection conner to be one of the most famous hindu shrine, made an immediate impact as evidenced by the unending streams of people paying respects from early morning till late at night. Thais, and even foreign visitors, make ceremonial offerings from floral garlands. This shrine support the building more elegant ever you can see from the other.
When you come closer to the mall, smell of incense and cloud of smoke as a sky cloud in the heaven. Inside of the heaven is revealed the white Thai-post modern architecture style is represented by huge ancient column, that influence sculpture from Thai sugarcane, settle down around the building intermediate with glass facade. Inside of Erawan building, there are one circular atrium that open view space inside of them and look down in that atrium are come up with elephant sculpture fountain as a land mark of building. Earn also keep modern huge column inside the mall that result in the audience experience of grandness with gigantic architecture style. Thai contemporary atmosphere are represent in term of lighting, color and ornament but the style has blend into the high-end brand in this mall. Open your mind to the new heaven of Erawan Bangkok. The perfect place to meet.