Tuesday, October 17, 2017



Texte of Italo Calvino

Whether you come from land or sea, Despina is a desired city, which responds to the expectations of the travelers who crossed her, from its two very different atmospheres, as if we find the characteristics of two cities Opposed in a single city.
It first presents its natural side, where we find old buildings, colorful, where it feels that this city has a strong history. A family atmosphere prevails, all the inhabitants are familiar and work together.
On the other hand, there is a much more dynamic part, linked to the outside of the city where trade is a priority. This part of Despina is equally important for the city, at the level of the economy. In this part of the city the inhabitants appear colder but more determined at the opening of Despina on the world.
Despina could not survive without her two parts complementing and necessary to them. 


Matrix of delimitation in shopping center

Verbal narrative of Gaysorn


Viatoribus is a city like many. It is a luxurious space with many luxurious shops. It is accessible from the aerial subway but also from the skywalk, which makes this space easily accessible. However, although very new, Viatoribus is very little visited, but much more crossed. It has many shops that are found in other very large cities in the area, but in a much smaller space. Today the city of Viatoribus represents more a space of passage than a commercial space. It is defined by its spaces of circulations and not by its trade.
This very recent space is only a reproduction in smaller of the spaces that surround it. All the shops present in Viatoribus are also in the adjoining cities. The most important thing that can bring Viatoribus to this area is its connections. It is crossed from north to south by footbridges that allow travelers to become passers-by. Indeed Viatoribus allows to connect different cities by crossing it without bringing major innovations in its space, it becomes a city of passage. Moreover, it does not present any activity that would allow the passer-by to become active and actor of the atmosphere of this city.
Due to its over-priced shops, its lack of activities and relaxation spaces, Viatoribus sinks more and more and becomes a city of passage.
What is retained most of this space is its luxurious side, which pushes us to wander in the shops, its lack of activities, which brings us to move faster our way. Despite its very good connections, when one enters the doors of Viatoribus nothing pushes us to stay more time than to simply cross this space.

Collage of Gaysorn